September 17, 2008

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Becoming an EGearDirect Dealer...


A Day in the Life of an EGearDirect Dealer

EGearDirect dealers sell tools and equipment directly to Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Security, Federal/Military, and Emergency Medical.

[Because almost all dealers own their own inventory, EGearDirect dealers provide a valuable and necessary service.]


They keep customers up to date on new products and service ideas, they handle warranty repair and replacement when necessary, and they provide affordable programs for Professionals to follow to expand and develop their tools and their capabilities.


That development is very important to professionals since their tools and equipment define the amount and type of work they can do safely. In order to be safe and effective, they have to acquire the tools to do the jobs they want to do.


EGearDirect dealers own their businesses, which includes a walk-in van, an inventory of merchandise for sale, and accounts receivable. They call on each customer once a week, selling equipment or collecting money from previous sales.


All of this involves building personal relationships with customers-learning about their goals, aspirations and needs-and working with them to build the equipment inventories and capabilities they need.

[In the end, successful EGearDirect dealers have a lot of fun with their businesses.]

Every day is different from the day before, and although they may be seeing a lot of people they know well, there are always interesting things happening, and new opportunities. Each customer has long and short term goals, and with their EGearDirect dealer's help, they can get there. By understanding people and helping them to find a way to realize their ambitions, EGearDirect dealers enjoy a unique opportunity in business relationships, as they have for years. What could be more fun than that?

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