EGearDirect Vehicles


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2006 Dodge Charger Police. This was built as an administrators vehicle setup with minimal real estate loss in the interior. No rear prisoner cage was installed, nor any camera or radar equipment. This vehicle has a total of 33 fourth generation high power LED modules, and 4 strobes embedded into the rear tail lights. This thing looks like a space ship when lit up at night!


2006 Dodge Charger Police Package with HEMI. This was built for a stealth gang unit for a local agency. This vehicle is equipped with 20 fourth generation high power LED modules, and 4 strobes in the tail lamps. Also installed was a rear prisoner seat with full cage, a remote mount MC screen and keyboard, mobilevision camera/microphones, scanner, and pushbumper. The array of antenna's were mounted on the trunk for a more stealth appearance (actually it looks even more intimidating!). We worked with the agency in arranging the purchase and delivery of this Charger. Contact us here if your interested in purchasing these or the Magnum vehicles for your agency.


This is one of six police Chevy Impala's that are being decommissioned for the Federal Agency.



This is one of six police Chevy Tahoe's that are being built for a Federal Agency for Defense Logistics. The equipment used here was transferred from the Chevy Impala's that were decommissioned. Due to budget constraints, some of the older technology equipment was left for the Government graveyard to save on installation costs. The vinyl was installed with the latest and greatest material available in today's market and is virtually indestructible from the outdoor elements.


This Chevy Tahoe was brought to us by a local Fire Chief who was having trouble with visibility due to the older technology LED's he was using. While following a fire truck to a scene, his windshield lightbar would not produce enough light output for other drivers to see causing them to pull out in front of him almost causing a collision. We added Tomar fourth generation high power LED modules to the grill and rear deck. If you see the full pictures you can clearly see the intensity difference in the two lights, with the grill lights leaving a halo around the module.


This is an electric GEM E4 vehicle we built for senior aids to use, but with an additional switch to engage a California legal steady burn red and siren for the sworn personnel to use as well during special events. It is equipped with 3 high power Tomar fourth generation LED modules and a 36" amber lightbar mounted to the roof.


Here is another electric GEM redone by removing the old halogen lightbar that was gigantic and drawing way too many amps from this tiny electric car.


A tow truck for a local towing company. All strobes but a very nice lightbar. Probably one of the best in this area as far as tow companies go.



I have no idea what this is?? Just a sample of what a 48" Blade lightbar would look on a new F150.



Another F150, older body style though, but still a good looking fire truck. This was a pain since we were recycling equipment that was over 10 years old.


Check out Ripon's 2006 Ford Mustang GT fully equipped into a Police Patrol Vehicle. Thanks to Officer Lindsay of Ripon Police Department, who was kind enough to let us borrow the car for this photo shoot.


Another 2006 Dodge Charger built for a local Sheriff's department. This is one of three vehicles to be built by EGearDirect. Completely stealth as this car is an admin version as well with the center console shifter and hidden lights and siren switches. Up fitted with Tomar RECT25 4th gen LED's.


Check out Ripon's fire truck. Thanks to Daniel Estrada of Ripon Fire Department, who was kind enough to let us borrow the car for this photo shoot.



Here is another federal defense agencies Dodge Ram Police truck that is being decommissioned.



Another federal defense Agencies Chevy Tahoe.



2 more Chevy Tahoe's for the Federal Defense Agency DLA. The striping and decals are much better than before. We had to sharpen the image of the logo's for this print as the one supplied by the agency was not color correct and pixilated.


Another Chevy Tahoe. Take at look at the interior work of this Tahoe. Clean and simple.



Here we did a radio swap on a Rescue Unit. We've taken a 2-headed Motorola radio out and installed a single remote face radio. The 2-hd unit will go into a newer rescue vehicle for the agency.


Here we did another radio swap on a Ambulance. We had to uninstall the older, single head radio first. Then we installed a 2-headed Motorola radio while integrating the radio to the David Clark Intercom system.


Here we did another 2006 Dodge Charger Detective Unit and up fitted it with Tomar RECT25 high power LED's. We forgot to take pictures of the shotgun and AR mounts but they are the same as this Charger's setup.


Here are 3 police chargers together in the same place. Just a few good pics.



Here is the most recent 2006 Dodge Charger Detective vehicle. Equipped similar to the others as this is the last of 3 undercover units to be built for the same agency.


Here is a 2006 Ford Mustang GT converted into a slick top, fully marked police unit. We are still currently in the process of completing all the Project 54 components and integrating all the voice/touch control into the lighting system.


Here is a 2007 Chevy Tahoe converted into a slick top, unmarked police unit. This was designed and built for the School Resource Unit for a local Sheriff's Department.


Complete build for this brand new Chevy pickup used for the volunteers. This truck is natural gas, and features a Tomar Blade lightbar, 2 Motorola radios, and a center console with rocker switches to control the lightbar functions.


This is a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria for the School Resource Unit. Is is a slick top format with a high power Tomar red/blue light stick in the rear deck and a Tomar RECT 25 behind the grill. The headliner light was recycled from an older unit.


HA 2005 Ford Crown Victoria that was came to us with just the lightbar. The agency needed to expedite the service date for this car so they dropped it with us to finish the build. This is one of 2 that were brought to us. Each car took less than a week to build and put into service. Another happy Chief.